UN Studies

Our class has been learning about the Global goals made by the UN or United Nations. To the bottom you can see the 17 global goals. We have been reading stories from the past: Les Miserables, and the children of the dustbowl to name a few, we then see how these stories related to the global goals.  Work

Hi, have you heard of the Global Goals? Well if you haven’t let me tell you about them. The global Goals are 17 different goals that 130 united countries have decided to put for themselves and complete before the year 2030. These 17 goals help make the world a better place, they’re basically Health, Enviroment, Poverty & Hunger, Education, Human Rights, and Community Building. Here is a link to the website with ways you can help reach these 17 global goals.        http://www.globalgoals.org/ Image result for global goals